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Handcrafting in the Archives with Knit British

All images credited to Mihaela Bodlovic for Festival of Creative Learning,University of Edinburgh

In February this year, I sat in the middle of a horseshoe of tables in the library at the School of Scottish Studies Archive, exploring with workshop attendees just what ‘cleeking’ may be.Neither knitting nor crochet or nälebinding, we were working from letters and magazine articles from the 1950s which – like us – were focused on saving a handcraft from being lost.
All this began in Spring 2018, when Louise Scollay of the Knit Britishpodcast, contacted me to ask if I was interested in drawing on my practice in crochet to help investigate a mystery…Hooked (ahem), I happily agreed and opened up a document that had kept us both intrigued since.  Louise has a detailed archivist’s and handcrafter’s insight into the amazing set of papers she came across during her day job.  The story of her discovery of letters and patterns related to Scottish Home and Country -  the Scottish Women’s Rural Insti…

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