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WOW! Kate Bush and Clothing

(poster designed by Calum Gould and Linran Jiang, with photograph used by permission of Max Browne)

The tiredness which comes with the end of semester plus an added layer of despair over the UK elections was made manageable in  December by the marvellous This Woman's Work symposium on Kate Bush at ECA, Edinburgh. 

Organised by Dr Jonny Murray and Dr Glyn Davis as part of their Pop by Design series, this 2 day event had photography, dance,a little singing and amazing papers about the impact of Kate Bush and her fandoms. There were excellent keynotes from Rob Young and (especially) D-M Withers.

For the first time since The Diversions, I spoke on fashion theory and clothing - exploring the iconic costumes from Wuthering Heights, Babushka and Running Up That Hill.  Naturally, I made clothing to reflect my subject, with a wrap top and Hakama style trousers.

A publication is in the offing - more anon.

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