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The School of Scottish Studies Archive in 70 Objects: Hò Ro Gur Toigh Leinn Anna

A place dear to my heart and work, the School of Scottish Studies Archive at University of Edinburgh celebrates its 70th birthday this year. To mark the occasion, 70 objects -  an artefact, an image, or a sound recording are being highlighted in blog posts by supported of the place and what it means. My contribution, on the walking song  Hò Ro Gur Toigh Leinn Anna can be read here .  It is a sound recording of singing by Peigi Anndra - the inspiration behind my most recent Knitrospective shawl design... more on that here . I wanted to mark the process of collecting and how the archive is built not just by ethnographers, but by the expertise and skill of contributors: Recordings like this are not only significant in recording traditional song and ways of knowing, but in reminding listeners and researchers down the years of the process of recording.  It is a precious reminder that we should not forget the relationships and labour of  collecting  which have  constructed  the archive .  

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